For those of you who know about Phoelix and his music, this will merely be a reacquaintance with an old friend. For those who have never heard of this musician, prepared to be blown away by a new artist’s style. Phoelix is an all-encompassing creator rooting from The Fox Valley, a western suburb of Chicago. Having said that, to better understand Phoelix’s background, go ahead and think of an instrument. Go ahead; any instrument. Every instrument you could have possibly thought of, Phoelix had access to from an early age, and mastered. He got into production at age 16, from there he went on to meet Saba at one of his shows, and the rest is Chicago music history.

His production, sounds and vocals have been released on projects like Saba’s Bucket List, Smino’s Noir, and Noname’s Telefone & Room25 albums.All of this collaboration aside, Phoelix he has released his own solo projects, GSPL and Tempo, which are already highly praised for pushing creative boundary. The influence Phoelix holds in the Chicago contemporary music and Hip/Hop scenes cannot be understated as he has created staple sounds of some of the countries favorite projects this past year. He is currently touring with Smino, and Earthgang, so if you haven’t had a chance to hear his music, why not live a little and hear him live? The remaining tour dates will be listed below.

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