You know that friend who is always sending you playlists discovering music artists before they blow up, and listens to music, treating it as if it’s a religion? The one who turned you on to your current favorite singer? Limelightz is essentially that person in one convenient (virtual) location (you’re welcome). Congratulations, you now have a new friend.

You won’t find any negative reviews on Limelightz telling you to trash an artists’ album, because there’s no interest here in telling you what you shouldn’t listen to. This blog will only consist of the music that the writer would recommend to a best friend, and through these posts, share those recommendations with you.

Born and raised in Dallas, Tim (the head writer) is an artist, poet (performing spoken word under the pseudonym of ¡nTIMacy!), author, and writer — who thorough Limelightz, shares a unique perspective on music via album reviews, concert footageinterviews with artists and industry professionals, recaps of the nation’s biggest concerts, and commentaries on the latest music news.

Be sure to subscribe to this blog it if you’re looking for great live music experiences in the Dallas area. Just so you know, I absolutely LOVE free stuff, and assume you do too (don’t prove me wrong), so time to time, Limelightz gives away everything, ranging from concert tickets to physical albums through its contests.

This is the music blog my friends and I would desperately want to read, and I think you will too. The current staff list can be found below, so you can put a face to  your new music-obsessed best friend.